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Support Services

Customer Support Services: For support related to companies, financial aid, pension, customers services and more can be availed by calling at 0228 303-25200
Vehicle Tax Information: Get assistance regarding Motor Vehicle Information Tax contact department over phone at +49 351 44834-550 during Monday to Friday: 8 A.M - 5 P.M. Fax can be send at +49 3510 44834-590 . The information can also be requested through Email at Info.kraftst@zoll.de or auskunft-zoll.gzd@zoll.de-mail.de. Mail can be send at General Customs Directorate Central Information Postfach 10 07 61, 01077 Dresden.
Minimum Wage Support: Contact at +49 351 44834-510 from Monday to Friday 8 A.M - 5 P.M to get assistance related to the Private individuals and companies in terms of Minimum wage. Fax can be forwarded to +49 351 44834-590or Email at Info.privat@zoll.de or Auskunft-zoll.gzd@zoll.de-mail.de
General Custom Issues: Get general custom issues related to companies solved by reaching department at +49 351 44834-510 from Monday to Friday 8 A.M - 5 P.M or forward Email at Info.privat@zoll.de. Fax at +49 351 44834-590
Private Individual Custom: Queries related to private individual custom issues like travel allowances, Internet orders, etc can be sorted out by contacting at +49 351 44834-510 Monday to Friday 8 A.M - 5 P.M or forward Email at Info.privat@zoll.de. Fax at +49 351 44834-590
Online Application: Speak directly with customer service desk to to sort out problems from general to technical related to online application at 0800 8007-5452 or +49 351 44834-555 from Monday to Friday: 07:00 A.M - 06:00 P.M or Email at Monday to Friday: 07:00 AM- 06:00 P.M
Value Limit Tax Free Purchases: Drop email at Info.wertgrenze@zoll.de from Monday to Friday 8 A.M - 5 P.M to ask support related to the Tax free purchases.
Custom Procedures: The support related to the Procedure simplification or clearance related queries can be availed by connecting with the service department at +49 351 44834-510
Financial Aid/ Pension: Contact FUI at +49 (0) 351 44834-556 to get Financial aid, pension or Money laundry related support. Send fax at +49 (0) 221 672-3999 or email Info.fiu@zoll.de

Service Location Near Me

Get contacted with the service center for financial, custom, and other related support using details discussed below.

General Customs Directorate, Service Center Cologne

Neusser Strasse 159, 50733 Cologne
0228 303-25200
Fax: 0228 303-99265
Sc-koeln.gzd@zoll.bund.de or Diic2.gzd@zoll.de-mail.de
Near Me Location: Find out the other custom service centers located around the area by visiting Near Me Location

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