Jura Service Centers Near Me: Find Repair Locations

Services by Jura Service Centers

  • Coffee Machine Repair: The Jura service centers provide coffee machine repair that refurbishing services. The centers deliver assistance to automatic and semi-automatic coffee machines. The service vendors tender services for water tank, drip tray, drip tray grid, grounds container, and grounds container tray.
  • Brew Group Refurbishing: The service providers render repair services for brew seals that swell, dry or crack over the time. The service technicians clean and sanitize the components, beside this lubricates moving parts and replace each seal.
  • Grinder Maintenance: The coffee machine repair centers provide grinder maintenance. The services include replace or recalibrate burrs and lubricate all rings to make grinder perform well.
  • Water Circuit Maintenance: The water circuits of coffee machines accumulate water buildups over the time that causes blockages. The centers provide services to clean every hose, remove the buildups and flush the hose with compresses water.
  • Descaling and Cleaning: The service providers render facilities to unclog every hose and component of the coffee machines. The centers remove coffee dispensing spout to clean and sanitize well for better performance.

Find Jura Repair Locations Near You in USA

Check the below listed service locations to find an authorized service location near you.
Jura Expert
3503 Iroquois Ave, Long Beach, CA 90808, United States
+1 562-208-2326

Jura Inc.
20 Craig Rd, Montvale, NJ 07645, United States
+1 800-220-5701

Dolce Vita Espresso
10110 Camarillo Pl, Toluca Lake, CA 91602, United States
+1 818-745-6700

Espresso World- The Espresso Machine Specialist
+1 773-275-8309

The Expresso Shoppe
524 N York Rd, Bensenville, IL 60106, United States
+1 630-350-0066

Espresso Machine Repair & Sales
1 415-429-6375

ACM Repair Services
209 Walnut St, Lansdale, PA 19446, United States
+1 215-361-7000

9734 Destiny USA Dr Ste F222, Syracuse, NY 13204, United States
+1 315-425-9922

Parts Replacement and Accessories Support

Replacement Parts: The coffee machine repair centers deliver all needed parts for overall restoration. The centers offer genuine machine parts and components. The parts replacement service is done under warranty benefits also.
Accessories: Jura service centers deliver a wide range of accessories. The accessories collection includes glasses, espresso cups, cappuccino cups, frothers, Pre-ground scoops, and automatic frothers. The accessories collection also includes thermal milk containers, and glass milk containers. Customers can call at 610-644-4939 for sales related queries and questions. The helpline channel remain available between Monday to Friday 8am - 4pm EST