Patek Philippe Los Angeles Service Center: Watch Repair

Patek Philippe Watch Repair Center Near Me

About Us: Patek Philippe Watches in Los Angeles can be repaired at the West Coach Watch Service Center. The service center offers services all watch related services such as Crystal Fitting, Repair, Restoration, Dial refinishing, Bracelet repair, Polishing and hand refining, battery services, etc.
Location: The service center can be reached at 2566 Overland Avenue, Suite 680 Los Angeles, CA 90064.
Customer Service Number: Customers can get in touch with the service center's management at (310) 202-1111 in case of any queries or concerns related to the service facilities offered at the service center.
Fax Support: You can submit your queries, suggestions and non - urgent messages via fax at (310) 202-2313 .
Monday - Friday: 8:30 AM - 4:15 PM
Saturday - Sunday: Closed
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