Human Service Center Blain

The Human Service Center of Blain provides a range of social, mental, financial, and healthcare services tailored to individuals of all age groups, including the elderly, disabled individuals, women, and children. These services are categorized as follows:

Healthcare Services:

Access to various facilities is facilitated by the Human Service Center, including insurance benefits and hospital insurance. The center also offers health cards, financial assistance, and prescription support.

Services for the Elderly and Disabled

The Human Service Center extends services for senior citizens and individuals with disabilities, encompassing senior citizen services and disability protection facilities. Additionally, the center offers foster care and mental health services.

Services for Children and Families

Support related to children adoption, child care assistance, disability services, and foster care facilities is provided by the Human Service Center. Mental health services for children and child abuse protection are also available.

Substance Abuse Treatment

Counseling and therapy services for substance abuse treatment are provided by the Human Service Center.

Transportation and Driver Services

Citizens can access support for vehicle registration, driving licenses, and registration of number plates through the Human Service Center.

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Anoka County, Minnesota 2100 3rd Avenue Anoka, MN 55303

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