IHSS California - Complete Assistance Guide

In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) California

The In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Program provides services for the needy people. The services which can be authorized through In-Home Supportive Services are grocery shopping, housecleaning, meal preparation, personal care services which involves the bowel and bladder care, bathing, grooming as well as the paramedical services. The contact details of IHSS California are mentioned below
IHSS California Address: California Department of Social Services
744 P Street Sacramento, CA 95814
IHSS California Phone Number: (916) 651-8848
IHSS California Payroll Phone Number: For any questions about payroll or deductions, call IHSS Public Authority Payroll at (707) 565-2852
Service Email: piar@dss.ca.go
Out-of-State Inquires: cdss.osi@dss.ca.gov
State Hearings Email: SHDCSU@dss.ca.gov

IHSS California Sacramento

Address: 3700 Branch Center Rd A, Sacramento, CA 95827, United States
Phone: +1 916-874-2888

Frequently Used Phone Numbers

Child Care Assistance: (800) 543-7793
County Medical Services Program: (800) 670-6133
Lost Or Stolen EBT Card: (877) 328-9677
Medi-Cal Customer Services: (916) 636-1980
Medicare: (866) 227-9863
Senior/Elder Services: (800) 677-1116
SSI/SSP and SSDI: (800) 772-1213
Social Security Fraud: (800) 772-1213
Request a Hearing: (800) 743-8525
Status of Appeal/Postponement/Cancellation: (800) 743-8525
Report Welfare Fraud: (800) 344-8477

IHSS California Application

Who Qualifies for IHSS in California

If the applicants is from California they are eligible for IHSS if
  • Applicant live in its own home
  • Applicant get Medi-Cal benefits
  • Have a disability and need personal assistance during the day
  • Applicant need IHSS to stay safely in the home as an other option to out-of-home placement like assisted living or nursing facilities
  • The applicant must be 65 years of age and over, blind or disabled and must have low income as criteria set by SSI/SSP standards if incase applicant's income exceeds SSI/SSP standards, there is a share of cost
  • Applicant must also be a California resident and must submit a completed Health Care Certification form

How to Apply for IHSS in California

  • If the applicant is already has Medi-Cal or once is approved for it, call or visit the County In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) office to complete an IHSS application. After the IHSS application, a caseworker will contact the applicant and fix a time to visit the home to understand the applicant's needs
  • The caseworker will come to the home to make an assessment to figure out if the applicant is eligible for IHSS and what services the applicant will receive. The caseworker asks about the applicant's mental as well as physical abilities and also limitations
  • The worker will also identify the tasks the applicant can perform safely on their own and identifies the tasks the applicant need help with and will also evaluate the living and social situation
  • After the assessment is done IHSS will contact the applicant to let the applicant know if he/she has been approved or denied. If approved IHSS let the applicant know the kinds of services and number of hours the applicant will get
Note: Contact the Public Authority for more details and information
(530) 822-7619

IHSS California Employment Verification

  • All employment as well as wage verification requests should be requested by completing all sections of I – V of the Employment & Wage Verification Request Form
  • The request takes 7 to ten 10 business days to process. All the requests will be returned by secure email there is no in-office pick-up or return by fax available
  • For the verification the information is only available of the beginning of the current calendar year. If requiring the information on past years, the IHSS Provider must request a W-2 from the (IRS)Internal Revenue Service
  • Electronic or the Digital signatures are not accepted
  • If the verification form is incomplete or illegible, there can be a delay or the request is not processed
  • If the verification requested is returned to the care provider, the address provided on the verification form must match the current address
  • If the verification information is needed for the Eligibility Worker/Job Specialist to verify income or verification is for employment of CalWORKs/CalFresh/General Relief please contact the Eligibility Worker/Job Specialist to obtain the required form
  • The point to remember is that due to the availability of data, employment verifications is processed once per pay period for individual Care Provider

Note: For additional questions please contact IHSS Public Authority Provider & Recipient Call Center at (559) 600-6666

IHSS California Caregiver

A Caregiver is actually a professional who helps individuals with daily tasks and activities so that the patients can live more independent lives. Caregivers are kind-hearted and also have great organizational skills. Caregivers help and keep track of care plans

How to Become an IHSS Caregiver

  • Visit the IHSS Provider Orientation given by the county. Here Caregiver learns the important information about the program as well as the requirements for the caregiver
  • The next step is to complete sign and then return the IHSS Program Provider Enrollment Form (SOC 426) directly to the County IHSS Office or IHSS Public Authority. For additional guidance, contact the County IHSS Public Authority (559) 600-6666 . The point to note is that do not send the form to CDSS
  • Complete as well as sign the IHSS Provider Enrollment Agreement (SOC 846) . This is the agreement that all IHSS caregivers/providers are required to sign
  • Get the fingerprinted and a criminal background check done by the California Department of Justice
Note: IHSS Service Desk for Providers as well as for Recipients, (866) 376-7066

etimesheets IHSS California

The Electronic Services Portal (ESP) is actually a website that helps all the providers to manage all payroll needs online using a tablet, smartphone, laptop, or simply a computer. The recipient has the ability to approve or reject timesheets online using this portal and the provider has the ability to complete and submit the electronic timesheets provider can also view the payment status and history, submit Sick Leave Claims and make changes to Direct Deposit

Electronic Service Portal Registration

  • For using the Electronic Services Portal Website register for that go to the website www.etimesheets.ihss.ca.gov to set up an account
  • The next step is to select the “Register Here” link that is on the website at the bottom and follow the further steps
  • For any kind of questions the IHSS Service Desk is available to help the recipients and providers that need help with the Electronic Services Portal call at IHSS Service Desk at (866) 376-7066 calling hours 8:00 am - 5:00 pm from Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.

Are IHSS Wages Taxable in California

IHSS income is now excluded from gross income which means excluded from taxation and still is included as the earned income for determining the California Earned Income Tax Credits

What is the Maximum IHSS Hours in California

The IHSS has developed a family member exemption to the workweek that is a maximum of 66 hours for IHSS providers to allow providers to work to a maximum of 90 hours per workweek and in a month to a maximum of 360 hours