Dinnerly Login - Sign in Account Support Guide

Dinnerly Login

Dinnerly is an innovative online platform to provide an affordable "meal kit subscription service". The user can book the recipe online through "Dinnerly Login" to get " premeasured ingredients" delivered at home along with the "digital recipe cards" containing coking instructions to prepare their favorite food at home on a budget.
  • Login Assistance Number: Call Dinnerly customer service team at 888-267-2850 to avail all possible login, or subscription assistance.
  • Online Dinnerly Support: To get answers in regard to the questions visit "https://support.dinnerly.com/hc/en-us/requests/new" and see lect the question from the dropdown option then enter the email address to receive related assistance.

Steps to Login Dinnerly Account

1. Click to Dinnerly Login
2. Enter email address and password registered with the account in the login section.
3. Click on the "Login" button to access the account.

How To Sign Up For Dinnerly Account?

To Sign up or register a Dinnerly account online follow the below-mentioned instructions.
1. Visit "https://dinnerly.com/login".
2. Go to the bottom of the "Login section"
3. Click on the "Sign up now" option.
4. Select the meal plan for the subscription by choosing the box and clicking "Continue".
5. Set valid location details.
6. Enter delivery details and payment method.
7. Choose meals to complete the signup process.

How Dinnerly Account Works?

With the Dinnerly online account, individuals have the flexibility to choose meals of their choice by selecting the "two-person box and a family box for four adults" as their preference. Moreover, individuals can any time pause or restart their subscription if they want.
The individuals get 30–37 meal choices every week along with five vegetarian and one fish-based meal so they can choose according to their requirements. The Meal criteria offered to choose are avail available like
1. Gluten-free
2. Low carb
3. Low calorie
4. Healthy
5. Kid-friendly
6. Vegetarian, and much more.
The digital recipe cards are available with every meal to read and prepare food accordingly instead of paper recipe cards. The recipe can also be read using a mobile App before making a meal order.

How To Delete Dinnerly Account?

Individuals can delete or cancel anytime if they wish to but cancellation must be done until the 5th or 6th day prior to the delivery date.
Steps to select an account or cancel a subscription are mentioned below.
1. Login with the account.
2. Navigate to the Settings tab in "My account"
3. Click on "Stop Subscription" and click on "confirm".
4. Individuals are supposed to fill out the survey to cancel.
5. Once the subscription is canceled user will get the confirmation mail about the successful cancellation.

Can I Pause My Subscription Dinnerly Account?

Yes, the subscription can be paused anytime with the help of the following steps.
1. Go to the "Settings" tab in Account.
2. Look for the "Pause or Stop Subscription" option at the page bottom.
3. Select the start and until the date on the calendar.
4. Click on "Pause Subscription".
After a successful "subscription pause" the individual will receive the confirmation mail regarding the same.
The "subscription" will start again automatically on the selected date.

Dinnerly Meal Account Orders

Individuals can order meals through the website after creating or login into the account using the following steps.
1. Login with the account at www.dinnerly.com
2. Go to the "Orders" and click on the "Add option" under the "Dish" need to be ordered by clicking save.
3. Follow the instructions to complete the order.

Editing Order Or Recipes

To update or edit recipes users are supposed to scroll to the "week" for which the changes are desired and click on the orange "Edit recipes" button to get meal options of that week to update. If the dish needs to be "removed" simply click on the "Minus Button" and save it by clicking the orange button.

Is There Any Deadline for Making Order Changes?

The changes or updates in the order must be made prior to 6 - 7 days of the delivery date because making changes is not possible once the billing is done.
To check the delivery dates in order to update the order follow the given instructions.
1. Login account at dinnerly.com
2. Click on the "orders" at the top right of the page.
3. Go to the ‘Current orders’ and select the "relevant order" under it by scrolling.
4. Read the time left for each Upcoming order to make a "change or skip".
Moreover, Dinnerly sends an email 9-10 days before the delivery date as a reminder to let the individual know the deadline for making changes.

Changing/ Updating Delivery Address

Changes in delivery address can be made in the "user profile" with the help of the mentioned steps.
1. Login with the "Dinnerly Account".
2. Navigate to the Top Pane/ and click on "User Information".
3. Look for the "My Address Book", to update the address.
4. Click on the "Edit" to update the current address with the desired delivery address.
5, Click on the "Save button" to update changes and a new delivery address will appear.

Dinnerly Account Password Reset

If the user is experiencing issues in login due to the password the easy way to retrieve the new password is mentioned below.
1. Visit dinnerly.com and click on "Login Option".
2. At the Login Screen select the “forgot password?” and enter your email address in the box.
3. Click on the "Reset my password" to receive the link for password reset in the email.
If the password reset email is not received in the inbox do check the "spam folder" if the link is not found confirm the email address used entered for a password reset. If the problem persists contact the customer service team at 888-267-2850 or through contact us form.

Updating Dinnerly Account Email Address

To update the email address associated with the Dinnerly account follow the given steps.
1. Login with the account.
2. Go to the “User information” and click on “Edit email/password”.
3. Enter "new email address/ password" to replace the old one and click on "save changes" to update.

Does Dinnerly Provide any Sign Up Deal/ Offer or Code?

Yes, Dinnerly offers various deals through Voucher codes to provide lucrative discounts on orders or at first order.

Checking Validity of the Vocucher/ Code

The validity of the discount voucher or code can be checked by following ways to avail of the offer.
1. The validity of the voucher can be checked by the expiration date.
2. Subscription holders should note that only one Voucher is accepted per household.
3. Discount Coupon/ Voucher can only be used for one time and is not valid for a second time.
For information related to the specific voucher offer contact the service team at 888-267-2850

Can Returning Customers Avail Voucher Offers?

Yes, returning customers can also voucher offers by checking "Special Offer" through email, social media platforms, or on the website.

Dinnerly Sign Up Offer for New Customers

Yes, new joiners are offered special and exciting offers via a website or social media platform. Questions related to the use of specific vouchers can be asked at 888-267-2850

Dinnerly Login Australia

  • Customer Service Number: Call Dinnerly Australia customer service department to avail assistance related to creating account or for login support at 02 9056 7570
  • Online Dinnerly Support Australia: Visit "https://support.dinnerly.com/hc/en-au/requests/new" and choose the concerning question from the drop down. Enter the email address to receive assistance.

How to Login Dinnerly Australia

1. Visit the https://dinnerly.com.au/login
2. Enter login credentials in the login section (email address and password).
3. Click on "Log In button" in orange to get account accessed.

How to Register/ Sign Up Dinnerly Australia Account?

To get registration done with Dinnerly Australia
1. Click on "Sign up now" on the Login section.
2. Select a suitable subscription plan according to the meals per week and number of the people.
3. The Third step requires setting up the delivery details.
4. Enter payment method and choose meals from the options to complete registration.

How to Change Subscription Plan?

The subscription plan can be changed using the following ways.
1. Login with the account and go to the "settings"
2. Look for "My Box", to click on "Edit plan"
available on the right side.
3. Select the plan to change.
Please note that billed orders cannot be changed and will remain under the old subscription plan.